Better food for your family
and the Land

Hi, Jennifer here, part of the family team that owns and operates Good Hope Farmstead. Our farm was created out of a family passion to work together with the belief that our food should be humanely raised using practices that build the soil, leave the land better than we found it and give our community access to the products we produce.

Since 2011 we have turned what started as a hobby into a family business. Like so many small farms, we are part of a renaissance in agriculture that is turning away from the factory farming model and focusing on working with the natural ecosystem. How do we accomplish this?

» Space and Sunshine

Animals need to move and grass needs to recover. Rotational grazing is the backbone of our farm.

» Grassfed Beef

Because cattle just do not need grain. Better flavor, less fat, proper balance of Omega3 to Omega6.

» No Hormones, Steroids or Maintenance Antibiotics*

Because the word “Natural” should mean what it says.

» Proper Animal Density

Keeping nutrients on the farm and out of the Chesapeake Bay. Growing stronger soil microbiology.

» Non-GMO Grains Only

Not all animals can survive on grass alone. We source from local and most importantly No-Till farms. Tested for zero GMO grains.

We strive to strengthen the bond between you and your food.

Currently we offer multiple options for pick-up or delivery, while raising the highest quality Grassfed and Pasture raised meats.

We think that everyone should have a farmer. Let us be yours.

*A quick note on Antibiotics.

The best place to start is by telling you what we don’t do. We do not use antibiotics to increase weight gain in animals. We do not use low level, broad spectrum antibiotics to preemptively treat unknown illnesses and we will never deny medical care to any of our animals. To do so is cruel and inhumane. 

In the rare event we need to treat an animal for an acute condition, i.e. injury, we follow all withholding times and then some. This gives the medication plenty of time to metabolize so there is no residual left over. We think it’s better to educate customers than to leave an animal untreated all in an effort to keep a “no antibiotics” label.